July 11, 2020

Stack Implementation using C language

You can watch me live code the Stack Datastructure on youtube. You can get the entire source code from github I have put all the function declaration in a header file. struct Stack{ int top; int capacity; int *data; }; //Creation struct Stack *createStack(int *capacity); //Deletion int deleteStack(struct Stack *stack); //Status Checks int isStackFull(struct Stack *stack); […]

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January 26, 2019

Create a complete binary tree from an array of data in java

Note :- Using java 8 and above. Hi there… Today, I am going to write a java program which will take an var-arg of character, you can use any data-type you want. Data type is not the focus here. The main focus is the  process of creating a binary tree. I am using functional programming to do […]

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