November 21, 2020

Use IntUnaryOperator to calculate sum and cube of an int using modern java : java functional programming

There are different ways to implement IntUnaryOperator . You can watch my video, where I am implementing IntUnaryOperator. Utility Class with square and cube static functions. private static class Utility{ private static final int square(final int intValue) { return (int) intValue * intValue; } private static final int cube(final int intValue) { return (int) intValue * […]

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November 19, 2020

you have not chosen to trust usertrust rsa certification authority citrix 18.04

I faced this issue of UBUNTU 18.04. I saw other solution on the internet, but they did not work for me. I hope this blog helps you. Citrix complains about “User Trust rsa certification authority” permission does not exists. The /etc/ssl/certs folder has a permission file with exact same name USERTrust_RSA_Certification_Authority.pem . So, I copied this certificate from […]

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October 28, 2020

java.util.function.IntFunction implementation using modern java

IntFunction is a functional interface, it takes an int and returns a reference type. This reference type can be specified by using generic type specification. We can implement it in different ways. Implement using a regular class. private class IntFuncImpl implements IntFunction<Integer>{ @Override public Integer apply(final int intValue) { return Integer.valueOf(intValue); } } Implement using […]

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