February 10, 2019

Using java lambda to provide implementation for Runnable interface.

There are many ways to create a thread. One of those ways is implementin Runnable interface. Again there are several ways to provide an implementation for it. One of those ways is, using lambda to provide an implementation. If you don’t know anything about lambda, then you can read it here. You are gonna need […]

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February 3, 2019

Implement runnable interface using a class in java.

Runnable is a Functional Interface. It has one abstract method called run. To make use of this class, we need to provide an implementation for this method. In practice, compiler only needs a non-abstract method. You can provide a empty body and that will be enough. The implementation need not be meaningful. Here is a simple class, […]

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January 29, 2019

Extending Thread Class to create threads in java.

To create Thread, we basically need to provide an implementation for run function. We can do it in two ways. Either we can extend Thread class and override it’s run method or we can implement Runnable interface and provide an implementation for it’s abstract run method. In this article, I am extending Thread class. public class SimpleThread extends Thread { } We have […]

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